Washington Center for Equitable Growth Announces Inaugural Class of Grantees

July 24, 2014
Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Awardees | Ryan Sakoda (Ph.D. candidate in Economics), Vanessa Williamson (Ph.D. candidate in Government & Social Policy), and Will R. Dobbie (Ph.D. '13)  

Inequality & Social Policy Doctoral Fellows Ryan Sakoda and Vanessa Williamson were among the Washington Center for Equitable Growth's six young scholar grantees, graduate students or newly-minted Ph.D.'s funded in its inaugural research award cohort.

Ryan Sakoda and Harvard colleague Shayak Sarkar, both Ph.D. candidates in Economics, will study the impact of need-based financial aid reform on college attendance for low-income students.

Vanessa Williamson, a Ph.D. candidate in Government and Social Policy, has received support for "The American Taxpayer Project," which will explore public support for different tax structures. Better understanding tax preferences is key to better understanding the range of possible tax policies and their contribution to inequality and growth. 

In addition, Will Dobbie (Ph.D. '13), now Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University, has been funded in the senior scholar category.  His project, "Measuring the Effects of Debt Forgiveness," will generate new data to explore the impact of debt forgiveness on economic stability and recoveries from recessions.

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