To apply

The James M. and Cathleen D. Stone PhD Scholars
in Inequality and Wealth Concentration

The Malcolm Hewitt Wiener PhD Scholars
in Poverty and Justice

Harvard PhD students apply at the end of their first or second year of doctoral study (G-1 or G-2). Those selected as PhD Scholars begin the proseminar sequence and other program activities the following September (G-2 or G-3 year).

This program is designed for Harvard PhD students in the social sciences, with a predominant focus on the tools and research of economics, political science, sociology, and social policy. It encompasses students from Harvard's PhD programs in African and African American Studies, Economics, Education, Government, Health Policy, Political Economy and Government, Psychology, Public Policy, Sociology, and Social Policy.

Application materials
Be sure to obtain the companion brochure, which provides important information about the PhD Scholars selection, program activities, and fellowship awards.

Application deadline
Friday, June 1, 2018

Application instructions
Students may submit their application by email. The application form and recommendation form are writable PDF forms. Applicants are urged to save the documents to their computer before beginning any edits and then to test the save process before completing the application form in its entirety. (Mac-users: See note below). 

The student portion of the application will consist of the following six items, with items 1-4 collated in a single PDF document and emailed to The two recommendation waiver forms should be sent as separate attachments to the same address.

  • Application form 
  • Research statement (1000-1200 words)
  • Curriculum vitae (2-page maximum)
  • Unofficial transcript 
  • Recommendation #1 waiver form 
  • Recommendation #2 waiver form
  • PLUS two recommendation letters - (To be submitted directly by faculty member)
    Applicants should highlight for their recommenders that email submission is encouraged, and that those writing on behalf of multiple students may submit a single letter that briefly evaluates each student in turn.

    There are 10 fellowships available, with half of the eight Stone PhD fellowships specifically designated for students pursuing research on top-end income inequality and wealth concentration. Two additional Wiener PhD fellowships will support students working in the area of poverty and justice. In some circumstances, these resources might extend to up to 12 fellows.

JFK walkway(Note!) Troubleshooting for Mac users: Writable PDF application forms work best when completed with the free Adobe Reader for Macintosh. The Mac Preview app does not fully support forms, meaning that your saved pdf form data will not be visible to reviewers using a Windows computer. Although we have found a fix that can usually resolve these issues, it is time-consuming to do this for each application. Please help us out by using Adobe or verifying that your application form is visible on a PC before submitting.