Zoua Vang

Council Member Spotlight: Zoua Vang

June 15, 2017
ASA Migrations | Zoua Vang (PhD '08) reflects on how her lifelong pursuit to understand her own lived experience as a Hmong refugee shaped her path to sociology and the study of immigration. Zoua Vang is an Associate Professor of Sociology (with tenure) at McGill University. Read more about Zoua M. Vang:
Jal Mehta, Radcliffe Institute

Learning Deeply at Scale: The Challenge of Our Times (video)

June 13, 2017
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study | As part of the 2016–2017 Fellows’ Presentation Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Jal Mehta RI ’17 looks beneath the surface of pedagogical methods in American high schools. What does instruction in high schools look like? Where is it better? What can we do about it?

Jal Mehta (PhD '06) is the 2016–2017 Evelyn Green Davis Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute and Associate Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

How “the community” undermines the goals of participatory democracy

How “the community” undermines the goals of participatory democracy

June 5, 2017
Work in Progress | By Jeremy R. Levine (PhD '16), Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies, University of Michigan. Discusses the findings of his academic research, "The Paradox of Community Power: Cultural Processes and Elite Authority in Participatory Governance, published earlier this spring in Social Forces. 'Work in Progress' is a public blog of the American Sociological Association (ASA) for 'short-form sociology' on the economy, work, and inequality.
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How School Districts Could Be Laboratories of Improvement

May 30, 2017
Governing Magazine | By Andrew Feldman and Thomas Kane. Three ways states could use their new authority to improve academic achievement, particularly in high-poverty urban and rural areas. Andrew Feldman (PhD '07) is a Visiting Fellow in the Center on Children and Families in the Economic Studies program at the Brookings Institution. Thomas Kane, an economist, is the Walter H. Gale Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Sen. Mike Lee

What if Politicians Studied the Social Fabric Like Economists Studied GDP?

May 24, 2017
The Atlantic | Senator Mike Lee's multi-year Social Capital Project. Highlights the project's first report, authored by a Joint Economic Committee research team led by Scott Winship (PhD '09), and its first hearing, which featured testimony from Mario Small and Robert Putnam of Harvard, Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute, and Yuval Levin of National Affairs.
Tony Jack - Harvard Ed Magazine

Poor, but Privileged

May 20, 2017
Harvard Ed Magazine | New faculty member Tony Jack knows first hand what his research revealed: some low-income kids come to college more prepared than others. Anthony A. Jack (PhD '16) is is a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and Assistant Professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He also holds the Shutzer Assistant Professorship at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.