The Truly Disadvantaged After 25 Years

The Truly Disadvantaged @25 years | Session 1

Opening address by William Julius Wilson (Harvard University) and panel on "Deindustrialization and Joblessness." Featuring sociologist Sandra Susan Smith (UC Berkeley) and economists Barry Bluestone (Northeastern University), Harry Holzer (Georgetown University), and Paul Jargowsky (Rutgers University). Conference chaired by sociologist Bruce Western (Harvard University).

The Truly Disadvantaged @25 Years | Session 2

"Neighborhood Inequality and the Concentration of Social Dislocations." Featuring sociologist Robert Sampson (Harvard University), developmental psychologist Jeanne Brooks-Gunn (Columbia University), economist Lawrence Katz (Harvard University), sociologist Mario Small (University of Chicago), and sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh (Columbia University).

The Truly Disadvantaged @25 Years | Session 3

"Family Structure and Social Change." Featuring Mary Jo Bane (Harvard Kennedy School), sociologist Kathryn Edin (Harvard Kennedy School), economist David Ellwood (Dean, Harvard Kennedy School), and sociologist Christopher Jencks (Harvard Kennedy School).

The Truly Disadvantaged @25 Years | Session 4

"Race and Segregation." Featuring sociologists Lawrence Bobo (Harvard University), Douglas Massey (Princeton University), Orlando Patterson (Harvard University), Mary Pattillo (Northwestern University), and Patrick Sharkey (New York University).

The Truly Disadvantaged @25 Years | Session 5

"The State and the Politics of Inequality." Featuring sociologist Bruce Western (Harvard University), political scientists Jennifer Hochschild (Harvard University), Ira Katznelson (Columbia University), and Theda Skocpol (Harvard University), and sociologist Loic Wacquant (UC Berkeley).