David J. Harding

David J. Harding

PhD in Sociology and Social Policy, 2005.
Professor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley.
Faculty Director, Social Science D-Lab.
David J. Harding

On the Outside: Reentry and ReintegrationOn the Outside: Prisoner Reentry and Reintegration, by David J. Harding, Jeffrey D. Morenoff, and Jessica J.B. Wyse, has been published by the University of Chicago Press (2019). (book site ►)

Named one of the Best Criminal Justice Books of 2019 by the Vera Institute of Justice, 2020. 

Winner of the William Julius Wilson Early Career Award, American Sociological Association Section on Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility, 2014.

Living the DramaLiving the Drama: Community, Conflict, and Culture Among Inner-City Boys has been published by the University of Chicago Press (2010).

Finalist for the C. Wright Mills Award, Society for the Study of Social Problems, 2010.

Winner of the Outstanding Book Award, American Sociological Association Section on Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility, 2012.


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