Thad Williamson

Thad Williamson

PhD in Political Science, 2004.
Associate Professor of Leadership Studies and Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law, University of Richmond.
Thad Williamson

A recognized community leader on poverty reduction efforts in Richmond, Thad Williamson served as the first director of the city's Office of Community Wealth Building while on leave from the University during the 2014-16 academic years. 

Recipient of the Jepson Servant Leader Award from the Class of 2019 for his work to effect change in Richmond, Virginia, 2019.

Sprawl, Justice, and Citizenship

Thad Williamson's book, Sprawl, Justice, and Citizenship: The Civic Costs of the American Way of Life, has been published by Oxford University Press (2010).

Winner of the American Political Science Association's Harold D. Lasswell Award for the best dissertation in the field of public policy, 2005.


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