Christopher Muller

Christopher Muller

PhD in Sociology, 2014.
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley.
Christopher Muller

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar, Columbia University, 2014-16.

Winner of the Charles Tilly Best Article Award from the American Sociological Association Comparative-Historical Section, 2019.  For "Freedom and Convict Leasing in the Postbellum South," American Journal of Sociology 124: 367-405.

Winner of  IPUMS Spatial Research Award, 2018.

Winner of the Larry Neal Prize (joint with James Feigenbaum) for best article in Explorations in Economic History, 2017.

Outstanding Professor, Berkeley Undergraduate Sociology Association, 2017,

Winner of the American Sociological Association Dissertation Award, 2015.

Winner of the Roger V. Gould Prize for best article in the American Journal of Sociology, 2014.


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