Job market candidates

Sarah James

Sarah Elizabeth James

PhD candidate in Government and Social Policy (May 2021)
Inequality and Social Policy PhD Scholar

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Arleen Carlson & Edna Nelson Graduate Fellow

Fields: American Politics, state and local politics, public policy, racial and ethnic politics, inequality

Dissertation: When is Hindsight 20/20? The politics of acknowledging and addressing failed policies

Committee: Theda Skocpol (Chair), Dan Carpenter, Jennifer Hochschild

Daniel Prinz

Daniel Prinz

PhD candidate in Health Policy and Economics (May 2021)
James M. and Cathleen D. Stone PhD Scholar

Fields: Health Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics

Job market paper: Employer Responsibility in Disability Insurance

Committee: Nicole Maestas (chair), David Cutler, and Tim Layton

Ethan Raker

Ethan Raker

PhD candidate in Sociology (May 2021)
Malcolm Hewitt Wiener PhD Scholar

Fields: Inequality, Health, Neighborhoods, Environment, Disasters, and Social Demography

Dissertation: Climate Change and Inequality in the U.S.: Sociological Analyses of "Big Data"

Committee: Mary C. Waters (Chair), Jason Beckfield, Joscha Legewie, and James R. Elliott