Weihua (Edward) An

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2011.
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Statistics, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Nathan Fosse

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2012.
Research Statistician, Harvard Business School

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) Junior Fellow, Harvard University (2011-2013).

Seth D. Hannah

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2011.
Faculty in Social Sciences, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Anthropology.
Anthony Abraham Jack

Anthony Abraham Jack

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2016.
Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows (2016-2019).
Assistant Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Shutzer Assistant Professor, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University (2019- ).

Elisabeth Jacobs

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2008.
Senior Director for Policy and Academic Programs, Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

American Sociological Association Congressional Fellow (2008-2009).
Senior Policy Analyst, US Congress Joint Economic Committee (2009-2011).
Senior Fellow, Governance Studies, The Brookings Institution (2011-2014).

Who Cares?Who Cares? Public Ambivalence and Government Activism from the New Deal to the Second Gilded Age, by Katherine S. Newman and Elisabeth S. Jacobs, has been published by Princeton University Press (2010).

Jeremy R. Levine

Jeremy R. Levine

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2016.
Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies, University of Michigan.

Christopher Muller

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2014.
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar, Columbia University, 2014-16.

Gesemia Nelson

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2004.
Associate Professor of Sociology, Metropolitan State University of Denver.