Leah Platt Boustan

Ph.D. in Economics, 2006.
Professor of Economics, Princeton University.

Leah Platt Boustan is the author of Competition in the Promised Land: Black Migrants in Northern Cities and Labor Markets, published by Princeton University Press in October 2016.

Leah Platt Boustan '06, Carola Frydman '06, and Robert A. Margo are the editors of Human Capital in History: The American Record, published by the University of Chicago Press in October 2014. 

Human Capital in HistoryLeah Platt Boustan is a recipient of a 2013 Straus Fellowship with The Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law and Justice at NYU School of Law. Straus Fellows are selected annually to pursue research on a common theme, which for 2013-2014 is “Racial, Ethnic, and Economic Segregation.”  

Leah Platt Boustan is the winner of a 2012 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, awarded to "126 early-career scholars [who] represent the most promising scientific researchers working today."

Leah Platt Boustan’s dissertation, "The Effect of Black Migration on Northern Cities and Labor Markets, 1940-1970,” has won the Economic History Association’s Alan Nevins Prize for best dissertation in US economic history.

Lorenzo Casaburi

Ph.D. in Economics, 2013.
Assistant Professor of Development Economics, University of Zurich
Postdoctoral Fellow,Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR), 2013-16.
James Feigenbaum

James Feigenbaum

PhD in Economics, 2016.
Assistant Professor of Economics, Boston University
Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research

Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer, Economics Department, Princeton University, 2016-2017.

Winner of the Alan Nevins Prize for best dissertation in US economic history, Economic History Association, 2016.

Nora E. Gordon

Ph.D. in Economics, 2002.
Associate Professor of Public Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University.

Tarek Alexander Hassan

Ph.D. in Economics, 2009.
Associate Professor of Finance and Economics, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Bert I. Huang

Ph.D. in Economics, 2011.
Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard Law School (Fall 2014).

Wei Huang

Wei Huang

Ph.D. in Economics, 2016.
President's Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
NBER Post-Doctoral Fellow on the Economics of an Aging Workforce, National Bureau of Economic Research, 2016-2017.
Simon Jaeger

Simon Jäger

Ph.D. in Economics, 2016.
Silverman (1968) Family Career Development Assistant Professor of Economics, MIT.
Postdoctoral researcher, Institute on Behavior and Inequality (briq), University of Bonn, 2016-2017.
Winner of the W.E. Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award for best dissertation in employment research, 2016.