Best Book in Urban Politics

May 19, 2015
Best Book in Urban Politics

Awardee | Vesla M. Weaver (Ph.D. '07) 

Vesla M. Weaver's book, Arresting Citizenship: The Democratic Consequences of American Crime Control, co-authored with Amy E. Lerman (U.C. Berkeley), has been selected as the American Political Science Association's Best Book in Urban Politics published in 2014. 

Described as a "provocative assessment of the contemporary carceral state for American democracy," Arresting Citizenship, published by the University of Chicago Press, "argues that the broad reach of the criminal justice system has fundamentally recast the relation between citizen and state, resulting in a sizable—and growing—group of second-class citizens."

Vesla M. Weaver, now an Associate Professor of African American Studies and Political Science at Yale University, earned her Ph.D. in Government & Social Policy from Harvard in 2007.

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